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An OAuth 1.0 consumer written in go (golang).

This is still a work in progress! It only supports GETs (not POSTs yet), and has limited fault tolerance. To install the latest version:


Using it looks something like this:

import (

c := &oauth.Consumer{
  ConsumerKey:    "key",
  ConsumerSecret: "secret",

  RequestTokenUrl:   "",
  AuthorizeTokenUrl: "",
  AccessTokenUrl:    "",

  CallbackUrl:      "oob",
  AdditionalParams: map[string]string{"foo": "bar"},

utoken, url, _ := c.GetRequestTokenAndUrl()
fmt.Printf("Grant access, and then enter the verification code here: ")

verificationCode := ""

atoken, _ := c.AuthorizeToken(token, verificationCode)
response, err := c.Get("", nil, atoken)

The code itself is at